A woman perceives her body in different ways, and that, a healthy body translates into something unique to one’s lifestyle and background.

In 2019, Women’s Health conducted a study, as part of its ‘Project Body Love’ campaign, which, unfortunately, uncovered that 75% of British women do not feel confident about their own bodies. In fact, most women were averse to their own bodies.

Although some of them appeared flawless, deep inside they harbor negative emotions such as insecurity and awkwardness toward their own naked forms. Most women we’ve encountered actually feel that nakedness is not a place of comfort or freedom.

So, in a call to celebrate the feminine physique for its uniqueness in beauty, power, and strength, Women’s Health magazine launched its ‘naked women’ series, which debuted in its 2014 issue.

The main cover featured the gloriously nude Zoe Saldana joined by Trainer Tracy Anderson and Reality Actress Millie Mackintosh in the inner pages.

This was succeeded in 2016, with American Actress Lea Michele, British Model Iskra Lawrence, and Nutritional Therapist Madeleine Shaw heeding the ‘Project Body Love’ campaign shoutout.

In 2017, American Actress and Dancer Jenna Dewan agreed to pose nude on the cover as a sign of support to the ‘Project Body Love’ campaign, joined by English Singer-Songwriter Alexandra Burke and English TV & Radio Presenter Melanie Sykes who also stripped down in the featured article.

So, who are those naked women

In September of 2019, English Singer and TV Presenter Rochelle Humes jumped in on the body-love movement by appearing on Women’s Health main cover together with buffed up professional climbers, and football and rugby players.

In celebration of these brave and beautiful naked women who have come to accept, love, and celebrate their own unique forms and shapes, WH has collected all 40 images of them plus their notable quotes from the magazine’s past four issues.

Based on the testimonies of these following 40 women, one comes to believe that health does not equate to any particular shape or form, but is, in fact, a lifestyle.

  1. Rochelle Humes

Rochelle Eulah Eileen Humes is a British TV presenter of the ITV entertainment series and a singer, who started with British pop bands, the S Club Juniors and The Saturdays.

In her participation on the Women Health’s naked women movement, she proudly shares that she’s a mom of two girls, and now in her 30s, she says that she has finally come around to accepting her total self – her hair, her scars, her body and its imperfections on one side that did not mirror the other side.

2. Lea Michele

Lea Michele Sarfati is an American singer, actress, and writer, whose accomplishments include the hit TV series, ‘Glee.’

In her appearance on the Women’s Health naked women issue, Lea says that she fully embraces her body – flaws and all – and that, she does not try to project herself as the perfect girl.

3. Molly Thompson-Smith

Molly Thompson-Smith is a British champion sport climber. During her involvement in Women’s Health naked women campaign, she poses nude while acting out one of her signature climbs.

In the featured article, Smith is quoted saying that she perceives her body as a product of all the effort and hard work that she put in being a sport climber.

4. Jenna Dewan

Jenna Lee Dewan is an American dancer, author, and actress who started as Janet Jackson’s back-up dancer. She worked with other popular singers such as Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, and Pink, and in 2006, Dewan starred in the dance film, Step Up, opposite ex-husband, Channing Tatum.

In WH naked women feature, Dewan says that she is often busy with work and has to juggle her time between workout and family.

There are times, she says, when she prefers to just spend her whole time with family, and whatever she does, whether working, family activity, or hitting the gym, she makes sure that it’s something she enjoys doing.

5. Chrissy Teigen    

Christine Diane Tegen is an American model, TV personality, and a writer of a New York Times bestseller.

In her appearance on the Women’s Health naked women issue, Teigen says that she used to be proud of the fact that she did not have to sweat it out just to maintain her figure.

Then, she reached an age when she realized she had to do so in order to stay fit and keep her original physique.

Since she loves sizeable meals, champagne, and eating whatever she wants, Teigen says that she does not mind working out for an hour.

6. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Margarita Vergara is a Colombian American model, producer, TV presenter, and actress.

While appearing as one of the naked women in WH’s issue, Vergara says that being healthy is not about having perfect muscles or cut abs, which she says she never had.

She believes that at 45 years old, she does not see the need to have a model’s physique or ideal body because it would take too much work on her part.

She voiced out that, at this point in her life, she has grown to accept her body, and that, for the sake of her health, she has learned to embrace all of it.

7. Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is an American author, celebrity trainer, and fitness pioneer, who is popularly known for her many celebrity clients and for her Tracy Anderson Method.

While artistically posing nude in WH’s Project Body Love issue, Anderson reveals that she trains for her own health, comfort, and control. Training, she says, makes her feel at home.

She adds that she does not sweat it out every day just so she can attain a great body that attracts men or looks hot on the beach.

8.    Madeleine Shaw

     Madeleine Shaw is a bestselling cookery writer, nutritional health coach, and yoga instructor.

     She believes that eating all the kale in the world is not going to make anyone happy, so she does not push herself too much when it comes to working out or dieting, which, she says, sometimes get sidelined because of her work and social life.

9.    Alexandra Burke

       Alexandra Burke is an English singer, songwriter, and former ‘The X-Factor’ winner.

       In her WH appearance, posing nude atop a brick building, Burke reveals her rigorous weekly workout schedule.

She says that her fitness journey started slowly just after she began to eat healthy. She once jumpstarted her day by working out in the gym five or six times a week, during which she saw slow but steady progress.

       Nowadays, Burke’s workout kicks off with a 10-minute run as warm-up, followed by an hour-long circuit training.

       Burke says that she has been strictly sticking to this schedule even when on vacation. Her goal is to join the New York marathon before hitting her 30s, when she expects to have kids.

       For her, keeping fit and healthy is a worthwhile investment because of its long-term effects.

10. Tara Stiles

       Tara Stiles is an American model and yoga instructor, who founded the Strala Yoga.

       Photographed in one of her yoga poses for the WH naked women issue, Stiles was adamant that her body dimensions are inconsequential so long as she remains healthy and feels good about herself.

11. Melanie Sykes

       Melanie Sykes is an English model, and TV and radio presenter, who became famous for co-hosting with Des O’Connor in ‘Today with Des and Mel,’ and with Gino D’Acampo in ‘Let’s Do Lunch.’

       While happily posing nude for Women’s Health, Sykes says that she regards exercise as an investment, which energizes her and enables her to keep up with a growing and active family, which is more important to her at this stage.

       Now in her 40s, Sykes proudly says that her body has more definition now than when she was in her 20s.

12. Amy Willerton

       Amy Willerton is a British model, TV presenter, and former Ms. Universe Great Britain, who is famous for her ITV engagement.

       During her appearance on the WH naked women issue, Willerton says that she has learned to be kinder to herself as she got older.

She claims that she no longer beats herself up so that she can achieve the kind of body that Kim Kardashian has. Instead, she aims for a body that looks its best.

She is able to attain it can by weightlifting once or twice weekly, about 60 kilograms, while doing 10-15 reps of the squat.

       Willerton confided that there was a time when she detested her legs, but now, she has learned to love and respect them because they have enabled her to accomplish so much in life.

13. Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena is a UK health and wellness vlogger, influencer, and personal trainer.

On being asked to talk about how she perceives her body, she says that she has grown to respect her body, after seeing what it is able to achieve.

She further adds that she was able to defeat her body demons and no longer dream of becoming one of the small and thin girls that she once envy.

Nowadays, Rowena can be seen training three to five times a week, engaging in body weight or weighted circuit workouts. Sometimes, she runs with her dog and does some cardio workouts.

She says with satisfaction that she’s now at her heaviest and is a size eight, which is actually two sizes smaller than when she was 18 years old.

14. Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh is an English model, TV personality, and founder of ‘Results With Lucy.’ She is also famed for her ITV reality series, ‘The Only Way is Essex.’

Mecklenburgh, who posed in a meditative nude pose behind undressed mannequins, reveals in the WH’s naked women issue that she started working with a personal trainer, Cecilia Harris, several years back.

Since then, she discovered that she wakes up happier, more motivated, and rejuvenated.

She has not looked back since, and nowadays, she finds herself always eager to hit the gym and challenge her body.

15. Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Louise Atkinson is an English TV presenter, model, and actress.

While happily posing in the nude for WH’s naked women issue, Atkinson shares that looking good in a bikini is just a by-product of feeling amazing because you eat healthy and have achieved a level of fitness.

16. Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty Gallacher is a British model and Sky sports presenter.

When she figured in WH’s naked women issue, she divulged that she will be turning 40 soon and believes that age is without meaning if you do not take care of your body.

Gallacher says that she is now able to enjoy her body more because she keeps it healthy and in good shape.

She also asserts that it is very important that a woman is able to connect with her own body, and she loves the fact that she is able to do just that.

17. Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Arabella Lawrence is a British model and body image champion.

During her participation in WH’s ‘Project Body Love’ campaign, Lawrence says that she only wants to achieve the best version of herself which translates into happy, healthy, and toned.

18. AJ Odudu

Onatejiro Odudu or AJ is a British TV and radio presenter, who is popularly known as a presenter alongside Emma Willis and Rylan Clark for Channel 5’s ‘Big Brother Bit on the Side.’

In response to WH’s naked women callout, Odudu bared all and revealed that she no longer cares so much about her weight, which is slightly heavier than when she was a size eight, several years ago.

To her, it’s more about personal challenge now when it comes to her body.

Odudu works out three to four times a week in the mornings and combines it with runs, HIIT workouts, Barry’s Bootcamp and BodyPump.

Earlier that year, she happily shares that she was able to finish the London Marathon in four and a half hours, and now, she wants to learn how to swim, pegging it as her next personal challenge.

19. Jada Sezer

       Jada Sezer is a plus-size model and an activist for body image and mental health advocacies.

       Posing nude to show her support for the ‘Project Body Love’ campaign of Women’s Health, Sezer says that, over the years, her attitude toward exercise has changed.

       She says that she used to feel desperate over being slimmer and smaller than her actual five feet 10-inch frame, like many other girls her age during her twenties. Because of this, she would push herself harder in the gym.

       While completing her master’s in child psychology, however, she discovered that self-esteem is manifested by acceptance of who you are.

       Since then, Sezer has learned to embrace her curves, particularly her hips.

20. Lydia Bright

       Lydia Rose Bright is an English TV celebrity who is best known for her roles in ‘The Only Way is Essex,’ a popular ITV reality television series; ‘Celebrity Island;’ and ‘The Jump.’

       While posing naked for the Project Body Love campaign issue of Women’s Health, Bright shares that she’s finally content and happy with who she is, inside and out.

At this phase of her life, she has grown to love daily workouts, where she gets to build enough muscle in her bum, with weighted lunges and squats.

Bright also reveals that she manages to reduce her waistline through cardio training at the gym and side planks. When pressed for time, she does an abdominal workout or HIIT home session. This way, she is able to exercise daily.

21. Binky Felstead

       Alexandra Felstead or Binky is a popular reality star who first starred in ‘Made In Chelsea,’ an E4 BAFTA award-winning hit show, from which the series, ‘Educating Binky,’ spun off. She is also the founder of ‘The Mummy Tribe.”

       While going full-on naked on WH’s issue, Felstead says that exercise, for her, is essential to the mind. At that time, she suffers from anxiety attacks and a gym workout calms her down and makes her feel more positive and happier.

22. Lucy Campbell

       Lucy Campbell is a British professional surfer and a multiple surfing champion who started to hit the waves when she was ten years old.

       Posing nude in the naked women issue of Women’s Health, Campbell discloses that she felt self-conscious when she was a teenage because she noticed that her body was different from the other girls of her age.

       She says that she is a size eight and weighs nine stones and 13 pounds, which are mostly muscle. She further shares that she has strong abs and a well-defined set of shoulders.

       At this stage of her life, Campbell now realizes and appreciates the beauty of her physical strength.

23. Millie Mackintosh

       Like Binky Felstead,Millie Mackintosh is also a former star of the E4 BAFTA award-winning series, “Made in Chelsea,” and also, the founder of ‘The Mummy Tribe.”

       In her feature on the naked women issue of Women’s Health, Mackintosh shares that people often asks her how she deals with the fact that she is seen by many as being too skinny. She asserts that she sees herself as not too skinny, only slim. She says she goes to the gym in order to tone her body and build muscle.

24. Fran Halsall

       Francesca Jean Halsall is a three-time Olympian champion swimmer in the European, Commonwealth, and World Games.

       When asked by WH about how Halsall perceives her body during her participation in the ‘Project Body Love’ campaign, she shares that she regards her body as a tool for her trade but that she also loves looking fabulous in her swimsuits as well.

25. Jodie Kidd

       Jodie Elizabeth Kidd is an English TV presenter, fashion model, and race car driver.

       Asked about her body image, Kidd replies that her regard for her body has so far matured since the nineties.

She says that she has always had a lanky body and it may never change, but because she aspires for a more wholesome and healthier physique now, she is motivated to work towards muscle tightening and toning.

26. Cherry Healey

       Cherry Kathleen Healey is a British TV presenter who is often associated with BBC’s lifestyle documentaries.

       While participating in WH’s naked women past issue, Healey shares that she once read her teenage diary and discovered how much detested herself then, which broke her heart.

       She discloses that she now nurtures a healthier relationship with her body and is more mindful of the food that she feeds it. She finishes by saying that she is kinder to herself now and no longer pushes her body as hard.

27. Zoe Saldana

       Zoe Yadira Saldana Nazario is an American dancer and actress, who is recently known for her starring roles in the 2009 sci-fi action movie, ‘Avatar,’ and the 2014 film series, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ opposite Chris Pratt.

       While gracing the maiden cover of WH naked women campaign, Saldana confirms that she feels beautiful in a way that even when she was working out so much, she feels like she isn’t, and that, she just does it to feel happy, regardless.

At that time, Saldana was engaged in a number of projects and confides that she gets this feeling that she’s exactly where she wants to be.

28. Alex Scott

       Alexandra Virina Scott is a former footballer for England women, team GB, and Arsenal ladies in the FA WSL, who also represented Great Britain at the 2012 London Olympics.

       During her nude engagement in the ‘Project Body Love’ campaign, Scott happily says that she is so proud of her own body and of what it enabled her to achieve.

29. Sophie Hitchon

       Sophie HItchon is a British hammer thrower, who currently holds the record for her 74.54 meter-throw and won the bronze medal for the women’s hammer throw in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

During her stint with the ‘Project Body Love’ campaign, Hitchon professes her love for her big thighs, which, she says, are responsible for her being able to pick up the hammer at sports.

When she was much younger, she continues, she has always wanted to be more petite and willowy like the other girls, but having invested blood, sweat, and tears into building up her strong body and thighs, she now regards them as symbols of her success as an athlete.

30. Jenny Meadows

       Jennifer Brenda Meadows or Jenny is an 800-meter and 400-meter runner, a former Great Britain athlete, and a World and European champion.

       When asked about how she regards her body while participating in the project shoot for Women’s Health, Meadows gushes that she is so proud of her body because of how it has been good to her.

31. Chloe Madeley

       Chloe Susannah Madeley is an English freelance journalist, hand model, TV presenter, and personal fitness trainer.

       While posing nude for Women’s Health naked women campaign, Madeley asserts that she’s not saying that she has the ideal physique given her background.

       She says she happens to promote muscle-building because it is the nature of her job but that she does not believe that only muscular physiques are considered beautiful.

       There are times, she shares, when she reminds herself that she is only human and needs to relax as well.

       So, every now and then, she allows herself to just lie on the couch and chew on burgers. Since these are contrary to her lifestyle, she is still trying to figure out her own limits.

32. Samantha Murray

       Samantha Dawn Murray Sharan is a British tennis player who is an Olympic Pentathlete and current world champion, winning four singles titles and 21 doubles titles on the ITF Circuit.

       On asked about how she perceives her body, Murray says that it has served her so well, and without it, she would not have gone forward to win an Olympic medal.

       For Murray, it would be an insult to her body if she would say that there are parts of it that she is not particularly keen or appreciative of.

33. Karen Bardsley

       Karen Louise Bardsley is an English footballer who is currently Manchester City and England Women’s national football team goalkeeper.

       While participating in the WH naked women issue, Bardsley says that she once strove to achieve too much in fitness training, so she engaged in hard HIIT circuits.

       After she joined the Manchester City team back in 2013, she decided to be more strategic. So, instead of pushing her body too hard, she would now ask herself first if her fitness plan would impact her pitch in a positive way. If she answers ‘no,’ she would opt to give her body some rest instead.

34. Katie Stainton

       Katie Stainton is a British Heptathlete for Team GB who debuted on the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

       On baring all for Women’s Health ‘Project Body Love’ campaign, Stainton says that posing nude for a national magazine is a real breakthrough for her, and that, she is participating in the project for herself, as a way to boost her self-confidence.

35. Mica Moore

       Mica Moore is a British women’s bobsleigher and sprinter under Team GB, competing in both the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as, in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

       Standing at five feet and four inches, Moore proudly says that she is petite but powerful. She believes in her physique so much that she’s willing to clone her legs if she could.

       She continues to share that her legs possess so much strength that they were able to carry her through a 10-year career in 100-meter and 200-meter sprints, and now, into bobsleigh. We could not have agreed more.

36. Zoe Smith

       Zoe Smith is the BOA Athlete of the Year in 2008 for weightlifting.

       For Smith, projecting strength is the biggest compliment of all.

       Many times, people approach her and say that she does not look like a weightlifter at all because she did not sport the typically huge muscles that weightlifters are seen with.

       Smith just shrugs off these comments which, she says, are rooted on body stereotypes.

       She then went on to say that weightlifting is not about muscles. Instead, she believes that looking and feeling strong can embody many aspects, which include being in good physical shape and in control of yourself.

37. Sheli McCoy

       Sheli McCoy is a British weightlifter and a Crossfit athlete.

       In her nude stint with Women’s Health magazine, McCoy shares that she considers her body as her armour, and that, she goes into hard training in order to feel powerful, purposeful, and confident enough to endure anything.

       She goes on to share a bit more about her life, being the one who takes care of her mother since her dad died when she was just three years old and her brother being in the army and away most of the time. McCoy says she was able to build her mum a shed and change the tires of her car.

       Also, with her sustained training and strength, McCoy says that she was able to kick out a passenger door and escape alive when she wrote off her car on black ice.

       She confidently confirms that she can lift a week’s worth of groceries from the car to her house.

       Having listened to what McCoy experienced and tested herself to be capable of, we were unanimous in approval when she professed that she is a strong and independent woman in every sense.

38. Bianca Williams

       Bianca Williams is a British sprinter who competed and won for England two bronze medals in the 200-meter and 4 X 100-meter relay during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

       While baring all in WH’s naked women feature, Williams believes that no one should feel ashamed of their body shape. She observes that there are people who are not accepting of their own body sizes and struggle with it.

       For Williams, whatever form or shape your body has, it is very important that you embrace it. The British sprinter goes on saying that she is a living proof that one can be strong even with a slim physique.

39. Tonia Couch

       Tonia Couch is a former British Olympic diver and nutrition athlete.

       In her participation on WH body-love movement, Couch says that her exercise motto has been enjoy it or go home, and that, with regard to fitness training, she believes in having the passion and drive.

       Couch reveals that after her last Olympic Games coach, Andy Banks, announced his move to Australia, she lost the drive to push herself and had to make an emotional decision to call it a day.

40. England Rugby Team

       In a rare England Rugby Team nude photograph, Women’s Health magazine featured the members, Heather Fisher, Amy Wilson-Hardy, Danielle Waterman, Claire Allan, and Michaela Staniford.

       One was quoted saying that she does not train to look attractive or hot. She simply aims to be effective in what she does. Being vital for her bursts of speed, she says that her comparatively larger legs and bum are among the body parts that she has grown to love.